Liberaalipuolue – Vapaus valita (The Liberal Party – Freedom to Choose) promotes broader individual and livelihood freedoms. People have the right to live their lives as they choose as long as they don’t infringe upon others’ rights or damage the environment. A free society is valuable in and of itself as well as a means to produce the maximum amount of welfare for every citizen.

The public sector must focus on its core functions and avoid involving itself in matters that don’t require it by necessity. Currently the state is involved in too many things without adequate reasons – the state has taken many responsibilities upon itself that don’t belong to the public sector at all.  

Society must take care of its weakest members like children, older adults, the sick and the disabled. The state must guarantee human dignity for each citizen and demographic groups must not be discriminated against through legislative means. However, taking care of the society’s weaker members must not lead to the custody of the whole adult population.

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